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  • RCAPPS has strong links with top academic institutions in the country
  • We take interns from top Universities in Pakistan
  • Our proximity to Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is of particular advantage to us
  • We also have connections with GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Beacon House National University and National University of Engineering and Emerging Sciences


  • Primary internet connection: Optix (100 Mbps dedicated line available).
  • Backup internet connection: Wateen (100 Mbps dedicated line available)
  • Backup internet connection: PTCL (20Mbps shared line available)
  • 2 stage power backup comprising of battery backup and generators ensuring 24/7 electricity supply
  • Offices across the country to scale up or down based on client needs
  • Latest hardware including laptops, desktops and servers


  • Secure office building
    1. CCTV Cameras
    2. 24 Hr Security Guard
  • No hardware leaves office. Similarly, no hardware from outside is allowed into the office
  • Developers shall work only on allocated workstations
  • Content aware endpoint protector software is used to monitor and block any data leaving a computer
  • Computer lab is monitored through CCTV cameras and no external visitors are allowed in the lab


  • Company owns multiple sites across the country
  • Muridke site is located 50 Km out of Lahore on Lahore – Islamabad GT Road
  • Site has the office building to seat around 500 personnel with a two-stage power back up
  • Site can be used as back up location incase our current site is rendered useless due to a disaster
  • The code and other electronic records are backed up using cloud storage providers
  • New hardware can be arranged within 24 hours due to partnerships with multiple vendors